Hornet Racing

Sponsorship Packages Now Available!

Why Sponsor Hornet Racing?- First and foremost; Because we want to become your advocates that can help your business grow and succeed. Our philosophy is simple; when you win we win and vice-versa! By sponsoring our race car you immediately gain a presence in the racing industry. In addition, you get to utilize a new unique visibility as we help you use the car and the team to attract  potential customers to your business. Our car and team can be incorporated into marketing events, local and regional advertising along with exclusive articles and advertising within National Dragster, one of the largest racing publications available with an extremely large subscription population.

Second; You get the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with one of NHRA's newest Teams!  It costs much less than sponsoring a top fuel car and you can get the same amount of coverage, press and effort!

Third; We offer several sponsorship packages to address the varying needs of our sponsors. Everything from primary and secondary sponsors to associate and single sponsorships are available. So why wait? Contact Hornet Racing by e-mail at info@hornetracing.com! Let's GO!