David J. Burns - Crew Chief

2004 was a great year for Dave. After building a successful InfoTech business from 1994 - 2000, Dave decided that he would pursue his passion for racing. Anybody that knows Dave well will say that he is a mechanic extraordinaire. Dave's vision of the 1965 Ford Falcon began in late 2003 as a pile of metal bars and some various engine parts laying around his shop. Less than one year later Dave's finished racer produces over 1000HP of raw Ford Power utilizing the longstanding Ford 460 power plant. He definitely has a knack for making the seemingly impossible happen - just ask his crew. Amongst Dave's other passions are frame-off restorations of several classic muscle cars. If you run into Dave at the track ask him about the 71 Firebird, the 67 Shelby, or the 50 Ford (chopped) that he has restored. He is always delighted to share his car experiences with other enthusiasts.