Tony Valasek - Driver

Ok so who is crazy enough to get behind the wheel of this 1965 Ford Falcon with over 1000HP and race in the SuperComp class mostly dominated by dragsters? Tony, officially classified by his friends as an adrenaline junkie, is the one to push the car to it's limits. Just ask Jerry from Muncie Dragway who witnessed Tony putting the car in the neighboring cornfield during one of the car's practice runs. By the way, Both the car and driver left unscathed to attend the Division 3 race in Joliet, Illinois. Tony will admit that he is an extremely competitive person by nature and doesn't believe in the word "can't". Ask him and he will say that one of his brightest moments was traveling with Dave to Florida and graduating from Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School with his NHRA competition license. Whenever he isn't at the track Tony enjoys Scuba, motorcycling and his 65 Shelby AC replica (630+HP)!